Are we heading to an Interim Government?

Moeen Qureshi Former Interim Prime Minister of Pakistan

The Memogate has taken over our drawing room discussions which we are very fond of. Anchors have speculated a lot of scenarios including an interim government which would not long for a period of 90 days but will rule until the country is ready or able to hold elections, all this will be done with a kind nod of Supreme Court just to make it constitutional. Not to forget the Moeen Qureshi ‘s Interim Government in past when President and Prime Minister had to resign which is known as “Kakar Formula”. One very renowned anchor has put some names as well and named Shah Mehmood Qureshi to be the Interim Prime Minister. That has reminded me of a letter which I had sent to some of the leading anchors on February 16, 2011. Just sharing it!

I have been keenly observing the recent state of affairs in Pakistan and am very concerned about it being a common Pakistani. I have watched your program very regularly. I have some questions about the famous Raymond Davis issue and thought better to share or raise some questions with you. By the time I am writing this, President Obama has asked Pakistan to release Raymond and Senator John Kerry has already held a Press Conference and with in an hour of these developments Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a letter to Ministry of Law stating that Raymond was working as Diplomat. I have no argument against the Vienna Convention and if it provides immunity then we should respect it.

But my concern is the state of affairs at our side which are really worrying, why the foreign office has failed to establish the fact about Raymond immediately after the incident has taken place? Position of Former Foreign Minister on the subject also raises some questions as if he was so steadfast how could he continue with this corrupt and highly incapable government so long? If we look back at our history decades ago a Foreign Minister also had gone against the regime of that time and latterly he became a leader and ruler of this country, yes I am referring to Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto no doubt about his capabilities as leader but looking at the history of our country I believe every leader except Quaid-e-Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan had the full backing and support of US.

I would cut it short after witnessing the revolution in Egypt, Tunis and since western media has said that this wave can also go to Pakistan. Question arises here Is America planning an alternate leadership to replace the Gilani Set up by portraying Shah Mehmood Qureshi as rightful, steadfast and man of principles?