Chef ‘s Competition @SheratonRiyadh


Chefs preparing for the competition at the poolside!

It was a pleasant surprise to see a tweet from Mr. Stuart Birkwood General Manager Sheraton Riyadh about the monthly Chef’s Competition at his hotel and being part of Hospitality Industry it took me no time to retweet it as through out my career I have been a keen supporter of such activities and have held the competitions among the bartenders too with categories of the best garnish and drink itself. In a country like Saudi Arabia we need more of these events not only within hotels but Inter Hotel competitions will bring the teams together and we may find some friends other than colleagues but yet part of the same industry. I have not observed this trend here in Saudi Arabia where all department heads see their counterparts in other hotels on a regular basis, this helps a lot to judge yourself and your property. You get an opportunity to know different suppliers available in market and may be you are buying some material on a higher price thus reducing your profit margins. Good Human resource has always been an issue in here. Sometimes you can get some good people to work with you if they get transfers with a mutual understanding. Food & Beverage Managers and Chefs can exchange the food promotions. Idea of Food Promotion may not be practical with in cities but we can do a promotion in a hotel in another city which is our catch up areas for Room business. So closer we work more we get.

Coming back to Chef ‘s Competition at Sheraton Riyadh, wishing all the participating chefs THE BEST. I hope every one present there would have fun and not to forget the good food. And in the end FOOD WINS which is the passion of every Chef. Keep up the good work.