Memogate and Abbottabad Raid!

Photograph of Hussain Haqqani

Hussain Haqqani Former Ambassador

Memogate has evolved as a humiliation which will not be easy to forego as executive is seeking to. The myth that Memogate and Abbottabad raid are parts of the same parcel is even more distressing. But one does not have much choice but to believe it, our Ambassador knew the fact on May 01, 2011 that next day US forces would raid in Abbottabad in pursue of a high value target but he failed to react as the representative of Pakistan, instead he was busy writing an article “Pakistan did its part” supposed to be published in Washington Post  by Asif Ali Zardari. That is enough to set up a belief that he was part of the plan. Shaikh Rasheed though I do not take him serious the most of times but this time he has made some solid questions which need answers.

  1. How come was an article placed on Washington Post within 24 hours of an incident which has shocked the nation and its Armed Forces?
  2. Did Washington Post make stop press arrangements to include this article, when did someone got the space reserved for this article?
  3. Was this article published free of charge if not then who authorised or paid for its inclusion and when?

The game plan did not end but continued, Haqqani and the Boss decided to hit as it was a time when Army morale was at its lows. They planned for the memo and provided if they were successful, Would have it not been a move to become or acquire the status of “Amir-ul-Momineen.” If we look at the promised six to do points offered in the memo:

  1. President of Pakistan will order an independent inquiry into the allegations that   Pakistan harbored and offered assistance to UBL and other senior Qaeda operatives. The White House can suggest names of independent investigators to populate the panel, along the lines of the bipartisan 9-11 Commission, for example.
  2. The inquiry will be accountable and independent, and result in findings of tangible value to the US government and the American people that identify with exacting detail those elements responsible for harboring and aiding UBL inside and close to the inner ring of influence in Pakistan’s Government (civilian, intelligence directorates and military). It is certain that the UBL Commission will result in immediate termination of active service officers in the appropriate government offices and agencies found responsible for complicity in assisting UBL.
  3. The new national security team will implement a policy of either handing over those left in the leadership of Al Qaeda or other affiliated terrorist groups who are still on Pakistani soil, including Ayman Al Zawahiri, Mullah Omar and Sirajuddin Haqqani, or giving US military forces a “green light” to conduct the necessary operations to capture or kill them on Pakistani soil. This “carte blanche” guarantee is not without political risks, but should demonstrate the new group’s commitment to rooting out bad elements on our soil. This commitment has the backing of the top echelon on the civilian side of our house, and we will insure necessary collateral support.
  4. One of the great fears of the military-intelligence establishment is that with your stealth capabilities to enter and exit Pakistani airspace at will, Pakistan’s nuclear assets are now legitimate targets. The new national security team is prepared, with full backing of the Pakistani government – initially civilian but eventually all three power centers – to develop an acceptable framework of discipline for the nuclear program. This effort was begun under the previous military regime, with acceptable results. We are prepared to reactivate those ideas and build on them in a way that brings Pakistan’s nuclear assets under a more verifiable, transparent regime.
  5. The new national security team will eliminate Section S of the ISI charged with maintaining relations to the Taliban, Haqqani network, etc. This will dramatically improve relations with Afghanistan.
  6. We are prepared to cooperate fully under the new national security team’s guidance with the Indian government on bringing all perpetrators of Pakistani origin to account for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, whether outside government or inside any part of the government, including its intelligence agencies. This includes handing over those against whom sufficient evidence exists of guilt to the Indian security services.

We can see the Government has started implementation of its promised agenda.

  1. They had formed the Abbottabad Commission to probe the incidence, no doubts about credibility of Commission though.
  2. They have declared India as the most favourite nation in such a haste.

Formation of commission was need of hour but why so much assertion on India ‘s status as MFN by Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on several occasions. Then the time came when Mansoor Ejaz brought the cat out of bag. Again some questions:

  1.  Who pursued Mike Mullen to deny receiving any such memo or knowing Mansoor?
  2. What were the day-to-day activities of Hussain Haqqani from the day Financial Times had published Mansoor’s article?
  3. Further what took so long for Hussain Haqqani to return after he was formally summoned?
  4. Where is he staying right after his arrival and till today?
  5. Is he under safe custody, why is he not facing the media?
  6. Why the venue of the Inquiry meeting was shifted from Presidency to Prime Minister House?
  7. Is Prime Minister going to be the next scapegoat in the revised plan of the Boss?

I pray that truth prevails, all conspirators against our motherland are sorted out in a quick and befitting way. Insha Allah!