There is some hue and cry over the sorry state of affairs at Railways and PIA, but WHY?

It was destined like this!

Let me remind you some services which died and we just watched.

1988 on

  1. Punjab Urban Transport, Karachi Transport Company (KTC), Metro Bus Services, Sarhad Urban Transport and if any such service existed in Baluchistan were taken off the road deliberately. All these services had spacious, comfortable and durable Volvo buses. But we preferred the Toyota Hi lux Wagons (Death capsules) and last of all Qingqi. Graveyard of the Volvo buses in Lahore used to be somewhere near Thokar Niaz Beg.


    We had them once!

  2. For intercity transport there used to be Government Transport Service (GTS) if any one remembers the Red Buses yes they were replaced by New Khan and M. Nazir Inayat Ullah Road Runners. The GTS buses were spacious, comfortable and followed a time schedule.

2008 on

  1. Railways yes still alive but in ICU but being replaced by Daewoo, Niazi Coach Etc. and on the freight side so many goods transporters and movers today hold the market.
  2. PIA also breathing its last so what is so wrong if AIR INDUS would replace it.

Who is to be blamed for all this, politicians, military regimes, governments, poor management of these government-run services or the private transport mafias who played crook to safeguard their businesses? All of them! Where were we; we suffered as every time a service was withdrawn but we stayed quiet. Don’t we deserve to suffer more and mourn the demise of railways and PIA?