The real conspiracies against democracy!

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Yousaf Raza Gilani

The other day Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani thundered over the conspiracies being hatched against his democratic elected government but a common Pakistani wants to ask Prime Minister why did he stay inaudible over several machinations on his side of camp which have maligned the democracy like never before. All the below mentioned proceedings are compiled upon the media reports and I invite all readers to add if I have missed some.

  1. The report of UN Commission on Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto‘s assassination states that government did not conduct investigations in a convincing way. It remained limited to low rank security officials and they did not track down the real conspirators or possibly involved high ranking officials.
  2. The same report further reveals that Rehman Malik had not ensured proper security measures.
  3. What took two years to restore the Chief Justice which Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto had promised in her life?
  4. Number of Multibillion Corruption Scams by the democratic elected ministers in 4 years.
  5. Federal Minister Makhdoom Amin Faheem found involved in multibillion scam and some amount recovered from his personal account too.
  6. Media Coordinator to Prime Minister, Khurram Rasul commits 600 Million fraud, escapes and remains untraceable so far.
  7. Federal Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi even did not spare Hajis.
  8. Further he revealed that Shakeel Rao had gifted a 9.9 Million worth car to Prime Minister’s son just to get appointed as Director Hajj Operations.
  9. Asian Bank declared the rental power projects were not a workable option.
  10. Faisal Saleh Hayat Federal Minister produced evidence in rental power corruption case.
  11. Raja Pervez Ashraf Federal Minister kept on lying for 2 years about end of load shedding.
  12. Gas and Electricity load shedding while having the required production capacity but failure of production and distribution mechanism due to mismanagement.
  13. Finance Minister and two Governors of State Bank resigned due to reckless conduct of government.
  14. Internal and external debt reached its highest in the history of country.
  15. State Bank reported country failed to meet growth forecast by 2.5%.
  16. PIA suffered a record loss of 9.7 billion.
  17. Railways reached a record deficit of 6 billion.
  18. Pakistan Steel lost 5 billion in last four years.
  19. Dollar rose to Rs. 90 from Rs. 60
  20. Pensioners died waiting for pension payment and youths committed suicide for not being able to find a job.
  21. Raza Rabbani a long time People’s Party loyalist also resigned as Federal Minister on going in to alliance with PMLQ which once was declared Qatil League by Co-Chairperson.
  22. Resignation of Information Minister Sherry Rahman over the freedom of Media.
  23. The size of Federal Cabinet and its performance.
  24. Imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab by a democratic elected Federal Government.
  25. Failure of the Sindh Government to maintain law and order in the city of Karachi.
  26. Appointment of Adnan Khawaja a matric pass person as Chairman of OGDC.
  27. PM promoted 54 officers to grade 22 putting aside the merit. 
  28. PM sacked a DG FIA just for exposing the misappropriation and fraudulent conduct of a Federal Minister.
  29. Number of U-Turns and withdrawn notifications from Government.
  30. The supremacy of Parliament was denied by putting aside its resolutions.
  31. Government’s arrogance towards Supreme Court and its decisions.
  32. PM promised to send DG ISI for investigation by Indian Authorities after Mumbai attack.
  33. How come General James Jones became more reliable to PM than his own COAS and DG ISI?

It would have been great to see Prime Minister showing some concern on all these issues. May Allah show the right path to our ruling élite…