Our free media acting fair or foul?

Media in Pakistan got its long desired freedom in near past. We saw media excelling be it print or electronic; newspaper publishing houses went in to business of TV news channels with their long journalism experience. So far so good but in recent times we see an extra ordinary activism in this pillar of state particularly on the side of electronic media. Media Anchors seem to put their nose everywhere whether it is in the interest of state or not; they can take up any topic from a dogs fight in a street to embarrassing couples in public parks to road accidents to plane crash to defense strategies to functioning of institutions to failure of governments to toppling of governments etc.

Their claim of being an important player in restoring democracy and of a watchdog on government performance doesn’t impress me much. Let me remind them the Pakistan Movement and Quaid-e-Azam who lead against all odds and won this country for us didn’t had them at all. They have failed in the capacity of a watchdog too as Musharraf Regime had to bow due to their own mistakes and current government is still in power besides all their mismanagement and bad governance.

The anchors talk about moral values and ethics for almost every one else in the society but they have forgotten their own. This attitude unfortunately prevails in entire society i.e. after the successful lawyers’ movement some lawyers thought they were above the law. Someone joins Police thinks he has the immunity against both criminal and civil proceedings. Constitution allows every citizen to take part in politics but when an anchor sits in front of a camera with a mike on hand or collar his role changes altogether but it is unfortunate that some anchors forget this. Further to it the camera or mike doesn’t give the right to insult others in simple words camera and mike doesn’t make you a super human.

I will not name anyone personally but would definitely refer to shows on a lighter note;

Kharri Baat doesn’t mean to be rude, disrespectful and putting your words in to other’s mouth.

Bolta Pakistan where only two persons roar and entire Pakistan remains silent, if someone dares to call is given a shut up call immediately.

Aapas ki Baat should stay as Aapas ki Baat why do they take calls but have anyone watched them announcing the number to call on or even the number displayed on-screen even if someone then for how many fractions of seconds?

Capital Talk impressive as far as promo video is concerned.

Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath sounds like a trailer full of thrill instead of end day news review.

Kal Tak yeah all is well but why so artificial expression at the start of show and where does it go during conversation?

Lekin has too many lekins lekin someone needs to prepare well before maligning or favoring someone.

In Session is where everybody else seems to be in session except the host.

Cross Fire starts and one has to find the remote to reduce the volume and it is not a Cross Fire at all but single sided fire to be exactly.

ShahidNama the name says it all, when its Nama why are other participants invited?

Meray Mutabiq is so confusing; I still have to figure out that actually “Kis ke Mutabiq.”

Policy Matters lacks the policy itself.

To the point; the one watching it from start till end remains clueless about what was the point.

News Night with Talat as name suggests needs some news not a topic or a particular situation only.

Nukta e Nazar but shouldn’t it be told once and for all?

Off the record how ridiculous it shows all the shit thrown around and still is off the record.

Besides all the news talk shows the morning shows Jagta Pakistan, Ba Khabar Sawera, Subha Saweray etc. though I am not a regular on these but watched a video on YouTube where a host is running after couples in public parks violating the basic rights of citizens but no one is there to challenge.

Who is responsible for all this mess? Media House Owners, Anchors, PEMRA or ones who watch them? Is there any code of conduct? Is there any check on the biased reporting or ethics to converse? In print media is there check on plagiarism? Does any journo have the courage to clarify allegations of plagiarism, getting plots, houses or other unlawful privileges during different regimes against him or if he cannot then leave journalism forever? Do they have tolerance to be questioned or they are the only ones to have the right to question?