We surely can beat the beast if only we become united against all the injustice going around us.

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As I started walking towards my house, it was nearing dawn. The stars were busy in their usual dance and not a cloud wavered in the skies, but in the sudden of few minutes the breath-taking scene turned into the worst nightmare. The crackling of thunder sent a numbing sensation through my body. The lightning, blinding my eyes tilted all perceptions into an odd axis. An instinct of urgency spurred me to walk faster. In a space of a few minutes, the drizzle turned into a storm. Every drop felt like a tsunami in form and feel.

I had never seen such a horrible storm in my whole life. A golden dawn was covered by black clouds showering rain worse than acid. After a struggle ensued in the ruthless storm I caught a glimpse of my home.  As I got closer, I realized the storm was only around my home…

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