It is in Quran – ‘ Those who die in the way of Allah (SWT), do not call them as dead. They are alive, but you do not understand it’. (Al-Baqara – 154).

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People mostly say about Shuhada that they sacrificed their lives for their country, their religion, for a cause. But I disagree. I don’t think they JUST sacrificed their lives.
Every person on this planet have wishes, ambitions, people that he love and care about, some promises to fulfill , I mean so much to do! Just look at yourself, are you ready to leave this world? I’m sure this question brought in your mind all the things you want to do before you die.
But now look at the lives of Shuhada. Do you really think they just had a life to sacrifice? No, they are humans too, they had aspirations and promises to fulfill too, they had people who needed them. But when they chose to fight for their country, no ambition, love, promise stood in their way, they sacrificed all that. They ignored all their promises just to…

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