How can PTI bring change? The most frequently asked questions!

Opponents and media anchors often raise too many questions about how PTI will bring change. I would term these questions politically motivated and ill-conceived; purpose of all these questions is to mislead and confuse the voter. I am neither an official of PTI nor an authority on rules of business or constitution but despite being a common citizen with usual education and life experience; still I can figure out the answers without any ambiguity and doubt. I fail to understand that if I can find the answers then why those who raise these questions are unable to do so although they are much more educated and acclaimed experts on these matters!

The questions are appended below with their answers:

1.    How would they legislate when they will have no representation in senate?

No doubt for any legislation senate has to pass the bill but my argument here is that to bring change we do not need any new legislation at all; if we only implement the existing legislation in its true spirit and in the interest of country, that is more than enough. PTI talks about ‘Accountability’ across the board; legislation already exists on it and doesn’t need to be re-invented only a few changes in rules of business can be notified through cabinet division and problem stands resolved. I would like to quote the recent instance of what happened at Anti-Narcotics Force; legislation is there but on the behest of Prime Minister the powers of its Director General were transferred to Secretary of Anti-Narcotics Ministry. Obviously the legislation was not touched, yet the interests of some individuals were safe guarded over the institution or country at the end.

Finance Bills are not required to be passed by senate since Budget is a finance bill too so senate won’t be able to hinder any functions or allocations of funds by the government. Power generation, distribution of gas, increasing trade, production, adopting investor friendly policies or enhancing economic activity are purely governance issues which everyone has realized now that previous government was handling better.

Talking about the reforms PTI talks about the most are:

1. Police Reforms which is entirely a provincial subject so senate doesn’t come in at all;

2. Local Bodies/ Government system is yet another provincial domain that doesn’t need senate’s approval;

3. Health sector recently been made provincial subject;

4. The Land Records/ Revenue commonly known as Patwari System it is yet another provincial subject; senate again doesn’t have much of role.

If we take the argument that what if PTI fails to form government in a province; let us be optimistic that even if PTI forms a government in one province only, the change itself would not take long to reach other provinces on the public and civil society pressure.

Independence of judiciary Alhamdulillah has already been achieved. What difference PTI would make then, is obeying and implementing courts’ decisions in true letter and spirit. Further Judicial reforms would also take effect as advised and decided by the higher judiciary again senate has a very lesser role.

Further if senate doesn’t pass bills like domestic violence etc., then parties sitting in senate will only expose themselves and their menial approach.

Lastly, no one asks the same questions from PMLN although they have representation in senate but still don’t enjoy the majority; but yes PMLN and PPP can join hands anytime like they did for 18th, 19th or 20th amendment.

2.    How would they end corruption in 9 or 90 days?

Hassan Nisar, in the most recent episode of his show, said that corruption will end as soon the Imran Khan takes oath as Prime Minister; yes I agree with him. When the Prime Minister will not be a corrupt person it will pass on to cabinet and from ministers to secretaries and it goes on till end. All the tenders, contracts or any other deals awarded through any ministry are approved by Prime Minister Secretariat; so corruption is eliminated at the ministries level at least within a matter of days. What Imran Khan says mean the corruption at the highest levels; it is more of symbolic statement that doesn’t mean corruption will end at the very basic units of government institutions but eventually it will one day.

3.    How would they bring change with the old faces?

I would like to ask how many old faces have joined PTI? A few. And how many need to be elected to form a government? Hundreds. I assert that change comes from the leadership. I would like to quote India’s example here as it is clearly more democratic than Pakistan and is a booming economy of this region. How has Man Mohan Singh been able to transform India to a regional power with the highest ever growth rate in their history? He had same old party and same old faces; it is only the will and vision of a leader. Likewise we can compare the performance of Laloo Prasad Yadev as Chief Minister of a state and then the same person transformed the largest Rail network of the world into the most profitable one, while being innovative and modern at the same time. Has anyone asked about the team in Punjab Government; is there any?? I see only Shahbaz Sharif, whether its health, highways, housing, education or any other provincial department. I would also like to question then, that how old faces like Zardari, Gilani, Nawaz and Shahbaz can change our direction towards a progressive Pakistan? We desperately need one Erdogan and Imran is the best option to take that role in Pakistan.

4.    How will PTI solve the power crisis and the circular debt issue?

I believe that our National Grid has the capacity to meet the current demand but sheer mismanagement of affairs has led us to this crisis. The entire crisis revolves around the Circular Debt which has risen to an amount of RS 649 billion. Though PTI has already held an Energy Seminar but a layman solution is to have an effective accountability for the projects started in last four years to recover the amounts disbursed for projects which never started production, decreasing the line losses which have risen abnormally high during the current regime will also help reducing load shedding. Further all programs like BISP and all other unnecessary expenses have to be curtailed by adopting austerity and provincial governments also contribute. With an effective management this giant can be come over within a year.

5.    How will PTI generate the revenues instead of relying on foreign aid?

Reliance on foreign aid cannot be called off all at once but gradually can be controlled. I have a question; How many times have we stopped dealing with IMF in past? How was that possible? Only FBR was revived by just putting the people capable enough of handling affairs. Tax net needs to be increased. Tax reforms bringing more people in to tax net and I am a firm believer that Pakistanis will volunteer themselves when they will see the loot and plunder has gone and they are getting the benefit against each rupee paid as tax. Introducing Tax reforms; I agree need legislation and if such legislation is blocked by senate this will be a politics of harming Pakistan and I am sure no party would like that.

To conclude I would say that PTI has already brought the change by the trends of rallies, interaction with youth over the social media, by introducing seminars and conference on core issues and latest by announcing electoral reforms with in party on the concept of basic democracies and rural governance vision for the first time ever in the history of Pakistan.